Clownin’ Around – Halloween Countdown

There are only 14 more days till Halloween, so you better get movin’ on that costume! To help you in your time of crafting need, I will be posting dozens of costume ideas, tips, and tutorials!!! Today I am covering one of the oldest costumes around, a clown of course! I have dressed as a clown for Mardi Gras a ridiculous number of times, so I am pretty well versed on the basics.

To achieve an easy, adorable, and simple clown costume you will need a few things:

-Brightly colored clothing, the more ridiculous – the better!

-Face Paint

-Clown Nose (Optional, but your outfit better kick butt if you don’t have one!)

-Goofy Clown accessories: Big glasses/shoes/etc.. OR a flower that shoots water OR a rubber chicken… you get my gist!

-Wig/Pig Tails – This just helps add to the overall goofiness.

DIY Hobo Clown Costume

You can also easily turn your clown costume into a hobo clown costume with a few minor adjustments.

1. Make the smiley face into a frowny face (duh).

2. Use 70’s Men’s Wear to look like a disheveled mess!

3. Use stereotypical accessories like a flask.

Dressing as a clown is always fun & easy and never goes out of style! Plus, you can usually find some pieces in your own wardrobe for the ensemble!

Happy Haunting everyone!

Clown Face Paint


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