DIY Button Earrings

Christmas is only two months away, and if you’re like me, you’re probably looking for some budget friendly gifts this year.

diy button earrings

There is no better way to save money than making your handmade gifts! DIY presents are affordable, adorable, and very sentimental.

diy button earrings

Handmade button earrings are a great gift for women of all ages, and they are super easy to make!

This was my go-to craft for years, but I think I’m ready to share my tricks of the trade.

To make these fabulous earrings you’ll need 2 buttons, a needle and thread, a hot glue gun, and earring backs (nickel free if you have sensitivities to certain metals).

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Sew thread in a complimentary color through the button holes. This is optional, but I think it gives the earrings a more polished look.

Step 2: Using the glue gun, carefully hot glue the earring backs to the buttons. Be careful when pressing down, the hot glue often seeps through the button holes and can burn you very easily.

Step 3: Wear and enjoy! Or give as a gift, whichever you prefer!

For a more in-depth tutorial, catch me this Wednesday, October 16th on The 504, at 9pm on WUPL MY54, where I’ll be demonstrating this and other adorable DIY fashions!


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