Back Bayou Vintage is your one-stop-shop for DIY tutorials and exquisite vintage fashion. We offer tips, tutorials, and instructional videos for cooking, crafting, and more- while also maintaining a large collection of vintage clothing for our online store! The company consists of Jenny, the owner-operator DIY Diva and her fantastic boyfriend, Eric- who often doubles as an amateur photographer and chef. We are looking forward to adding more staff members in the near future!

Back Bayou Vintage

Inspiration: As a writer and artist, I struggle to balance my desire for a beautiful home and wardrobe with my fragile budget. Over the years, I’ve developed two ways to cope with this major issue.

1. Thrifting for basically everything I buy. This allows me to furnish my home and wardrobe without breaking the bank. You’d be shocked by what I find at my local thrift stores, it’s truly amazing.

2. Make It – Don’t Buy It! There are so many beautiful things in this world that are unbelievably easy to make as long as you have some patience and are willing to fail. I make everything from clothing and home decor to beauty and cleaning products.

I share all of my DIY and thrifting tips and tricks of the trade right here on BackBayouVintage.com!

Store Mission: I have always LOVED vintage fashion, but I could never afford to buy anything from upscale vintage boutiques. In 2012 I decided to remedy this problem by creating Back Bayou Vintage, an affordable online vintage retailer. Our store strives to provide stunning relics of the past at a reasonable rate. To do so, we have a $99 or Less policy – which even includes designer items and wedding dresses! Every bride deserves to have the dress of their dreams, and we are thrilled to help make those dreams come true!


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