The Shack Up Inn

I have stayed in some cool hotels in my life, but I have to say the Shack Up Inn rivals the best of them. Located in the quaint, historical town of Clarksdale, MS, this unique hotel offers a first hand look at what life was once like in the Mississippi Delta.

Romantic Getaway - The Shack Up Inn

This unconventional hotel was originally the site of the Hopson Plantation- and get this, the rooms are original sharecropper homes, restored only enough to accommodate 21st century expectations (including rustic indoor bathrooms).

Romantic Getaway - The Shack Up Inn

We stayed in the “Crossroads” cabin because it included a piano, and it far exceeded our expectations!

The Shack Up Inn

The shacks are gorgeous, romantic, and just plain cool! It’s crazy to imagine what life must have been like for the sharecroppers that lived in these feeble little homes. It sure makes me appreciate everything I have – including insulation! Which brings me to my next point, it was quite cold when we stayed in this adorable shack and though the space heater warmed up our tiny cabin a bit, we were still freezing! So pack accordingly!

Unique Hotel - The Shack Up Inn

The hotel grounds include the original cotton gin and seed houses, as well as a blooming cotton field! It’s pretty spectacular. Also, did I mention we only paid $70 a night to stay at this amazing inn?

The Shack Up Inn  - Clarksdale, MS

The accommodations are somewhat rustic ( i.e. poor insulation, an “indoor” shower made of concrete and metal siding, and a tv that only plays Blues), but the historical charm surely makes up for the less luxurious surroundings. If you can’t get over the rustic accommodations there’s a bar in the “lobby” with a ton of beer that can help you feel at home in your shack.


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