Ode to Grandma

Today is a very special day because it is my wonderful grandmother’s birthday! Grandma, affectionately known as “Mommy’s Mommy,” Chana, or Helene (her legal name) is not your average grandma. She’s not one of those ladies that tries to be the cool g-ma – she IS a cool Grandma! She lets me (and all of her kids and grandkids) drag her to weird things she doesn’t understand, like Tim Burton exhibits at MOMA, and odd vegan restaurants. She is always a fantastic shopping partner – even when I drag her to Forever 21. She has supported every dream I’ve ever had – when I wanted to be a dancer she said she could see me on Broadway. When I wanted to do fashion design – she said I should. And now she braves the world of computers to follow my blog and support me on Facebook. Plus, she makes great lamb chops.


She’s gorgeous {and doesn’t know it} and she has fantastic style. Her closet (and spare bedroom) is filled with sweaters, pencil skirts, and white button downs – all carefully preserved in tissue paper. She is the original fashionista (and shopoholic) of the family. Want proof? Check out the ad below. My Grandma is the lady in the black with the fabulous red loafers – and my Grandpa Ruby is the happy man in the coordinating hat. That’s right. My Grandma is one of those people. The people photographers snap pics of on the street. I told you she was cool. Image

 She’s also super active. I don’t mean active for a senior citizen, I mean she MOVES. A lot. She takes dance classes in Manhattan multiple times a week. She lives in Queens! That means multiple busses so she can go sweat at the Y in a folk dancing class. I don’t even get off my ass to drive to a dance class once a month – and I’m the “dancer.” She doesn’t know it, but she’s pretty inspirational.

She’s also great at selecting the perfect birthday card. She literally keeps Papyrus in business. Every year I fail to reciprocate the gesture. So this year I decided to do this instead. I hope you like it Grandma.

I love you so much.

Love always,



One thought on “Ode to Grandma

  1. Dear Jenny,

    Wow” I never expected such a beautiful blog. I am so honored to have you as my beautiful and talented granddaughter. I love you so much and always look forward to speaking with you and seeing you whenever it is possible. Thank you for your sharing with me your dreams and my hope is that you will continue to explore the talents that you have but not change in the caring person that you are .All the best with love. Grandma.

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