Ashley Celeste Jewelry

After perusing the magazine aisle at the book store, I was inspired by “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” I love the concept of sharing your favorite products with the world – especially when they’re made by local artisans. So I’ve decided to do an annual – Jenny’s Top 20 countdown and I’m kicking it off with Ashley Celeste Jewelry!

Ashley Celeste Jewelry

 Ashley Celeste Jewelry is a collection of gorgeous hand-made pieces by up-and-coming local jewelry designer, Ashley Celeste Lopez.

1510018_10101324287753978_1123705318_nCheck out my exclusive interview with Ashley below!

What 3 words describe your jewelry style?

I would describe my pieces as being sui generis, constantly evolving, and eclectic. I feel that my pieces are unique in that there is nothing quite like them on the market. I am also growing as an artist creatively and exploring different techniques and materials so the line is forever progressing. My pieces are very diverse in style from feminine and dainty to more rustic and urban. Because they range in different styles and scope,it appeals to wider audience.

Ashley Celeste Necklaces

When did you start making jewelry?

I started playing around with stones and jewelry materials about 4 years ago, but really started dedicating myself as a designer and artist within the past couple of years. As my interest and assurance in my own jewelry progressed, I started wearing my pieces everywhere I traveled. In turn, I would get compliments and requests for custom pieces, which is where my business began.


What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from everything around me but mostly unique pieces from independent artists, special stones and particular chains. Pulling inspiration from other jewelry is a large factor but clothing, décor, and art are all also a part of my creative process. I also love trying new things but these ideas do not always work out. It is a good bit of trial and error, nonetheless it is so exciting when I step outside of the box and create something new that I have not seen before. The results are truly amazing!


Ashley is definitely a designer to watch. With her unique style and high fashion sensibility, I would not be surprised to find her stuff on the runway during fashion week! Ashley Celeste Jewelry can be found on Etsy and at Fini- A Beauty Boutique {6250 General Diaz, in Lakeview New Orleans}. Like her page on Facebook to keep up with her growing business!


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