Mustard Seed Antique Mall – Oxford, MS

While on my most recent road trip, I stumbled upon Mustard Seed, an amazing antique mall in Oxford, MS. Unlike most antique malls, it is impeccably organized, not over crowded, and surprisingly well lit. It does have quite a bit of new decorative merchandise, like Ole Miss fan-wear and accessories – which isn’t really my thing, but the well priced antiques make up for it!

Mustard Seed Antique Mall

The booths at this antique mall are very well curated by their sellers, which makes for a much more enjoyable shopping experience. This hunting inspired room was my favorite!

Hunting Inspired Home Decor

They also have a huge selection of gorgeous metal antiques outside the store, including these gorgeous metal suitcases.

Antique Metal Suitcases

I also fell in love with their many ducks-related antiques!

Vintage Duck Canvas Bag

How cute is this sugar caddy?


And look how gorgeous these vintage magnifying glasses are!

Antique Magnifying Glass

So if you’re ever in Oxford definitely stop by Mustard Seed for affordably priced, beautifully maintained antiques!

For more tips on where to score fabulous antiques check out our Antiques section!


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