DIY Christmas Wreath

I know it’s a little last second, but I wanted to share my super simple DIY wreath tutorial with you all before Christmas Eve rolls around!

DIY Christmas WreathTo make this lovely wreath all you’ll need is Christmas tree trimmings and a twig wreath (sold at all craft stores, Walmart, etc…). That’s it! No glue at all! All you have to do is weave the trimmings into the the twisted twigs of the base until you’ve covered the entire front of the wreath. It’s that easy! I made mine in under 20 minutes and it looks fabulous!Image

You can add lights, bows, ornaments, or any other decorative pieces to the basic wreath, or keep it classic like mine! Image

If you don’t have a base on hand you can create a wreath from larger trimmings with thicker branches. I tied the branches together with twine, but you can also use pretty ribbon- as long as it’s strong! This was much harder to accomplish (and I don’t think it looks as nice), but it’s doable!

Send me photos of your DIY wreaths and I’ll feature them on the blog!

Happy Holidays!


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