5 Last Second DIY Christmas Gifts

With only one week left till Christmas Day everyone is scrambling to buy those last minute Christmas gifts. Every mall parking lot is bursting with cars and the stores are looking like a hott mess. If that’s not really your idea of fun there are some last second options for you! Here are 5 fabulous DIY gifts that you can whip together in a short amount of time.

5 DIY Christmas Gifts

1. Handmade “Charm”ing Earrings

These are the perfect gift for women of any age! Watch my tutorial video HERE. If you’re not feeling too crafty you can also buy them from our STORE for only $16!

2. Handmade Apron

This is a great gift for Gentlemen and Ladies who enjoy toiling in the kitchen. Here‘s my tutorial for a super simple apron with minimal to NO sewing!

DIY Apron

3. Homemade Bath Salts

I’m making this fabulous gift for all the lovely ladies in my life this year. Check out my tutorial here!

DIY Rainbow Bath Salts

4. DIY Tutu

This is the perfect gift for young ladies! Make it in pink and purple if she’s a girly girl, or with black and green for a punk rock gal! Watch the video tutorial HERE!

DIY Tutu

5. DIY Wine Cork Coasters

This makes a great gift for men and women of all ages, and all it takes is hot glue and wine corks – so get drinking!

DIY Wine Cork Coasters

Stay tuned for more last second Christmas gifts & crafts!


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