DIY Winter Flower Arrangements for Under $10!

Love the look (and smell) of fresh flowers? Me too! There’s nothing that makes my home prettier than gorgeous flowers… especially when I get to arrange them in my collection of adorable vases! Thanks to Winn Dixie, I’ve managed to find a way to affordably indulge in my floral obsession! They kindly offer small bundles of flowers for only $4! It takes a bit of creativity to turn these tiny flowers into delightful bouquets and arrangements, but it is definitely doable!

DIY Flower Arrangements

In the summer months you’ll find my house filled with sunflowers and hydrangeas, but winter is for roses! These tiny tea roses and baby’s breath cost me just $8 and filled up 6 glass vases which I placed all around my home.

DIY Winter Flower Arrangements for Under $10!I even got to use my vintage graduated cylinder! This is super easy and fun to do and it came in handy for my vintage wedding dress shoot today (Buy this dress HERE).

Vintage Wedding Dress

I highly recommend trying this for yourself. Once you see how simple it is you too will be creating dozens of darling displays! One more way to save money on a wedding, dinner party, or home decor!

Check out other bouquets I’ve made here!


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