DIY No-Sew Apron Tutorial

Watch me on tv again this Wednesday on The 504 for our fabulous Thanksgiving episode! I’ll be teaching this adorable DIY Apron Tutorial, a perfect project for Thanksgiving Day! Keep reading for a sneak peak of this fun and easy instructional.

Vintage Apron

Aprons have recently come back into style (thanks to Anthropologie), but I’ve been obsessed with them for years. I was known to sport my vintage gems over my uniform skirt in high school, and though the trend never caught on, I know I rocked those aprons. I learned at a very young age how easy it is to make your own gorgeous aprons, so now it’s time for me to share my tricks with the world. It’s your turn to fall in love with this fabulous accessory – and make one for yourself with household items you already own!

DIY ApronTo create your very own apron you will need a hot glue gun, fabric, and ribbon – that’s it! There are quite a few household items that can easily be upcycled into a stylish apron. I recommend using dish towels, pillowcases, reusable shopping bags, and even drapes. My tv demonstration features a dish towel apron, which is great for cooking messy dishes that need a more absorbent stain resistant fabric, but the daintier fabrics work great too!

DIY Dish Towel Apron I’ll be posting the video of the tv demonstration as soon as I get my hands on a copy so stay tuned for the dish towel apron tutorial. For this post I want to focus on my upcycled curtain apron, because it is seriously adorable! Follow the directions below and enjoy!

DIY ApronStep 1: Cut the curtain to the desired width. I used a fabulous vintage valance I found at a thrift shop. I highly recommend finding something with a ruffle, it adds a ton of pizzaz with no extra work!

Cut the apron 1.5X wider than the width you would like if you want to add a pleated look.

Step 2: Sew the top of the apron so it has a ruffled pleat. This is completely optional, no sewing is necessary! However, if you like the look of a fuller, more feminine apron – DO THIS! Don’t worry about making a nice even pleat, the smaller and scrunchier the better!

Step 3: Adorn the apron with trim or ribbon. Hot glue is the perfect adhesive for fabric-fabric cohesion, but I recommend sewing on buttons and other non-fabric decor. Iron on patches also look great, and don’t be afraid to try your hand at simple yarn embroidery. Go wild!

Step 4: Add a pocket. To create the pocket simply cut out a medium sized square and hem the edges by hot gluing the unfinished edges to the underside of the fabric. (Hot Glue Hem Tutorial will be coming out shortly)!

Step 5: Add a belt to the top of the apron. I like to use ribbon in a complimentary color, but you can also use excess matching fabric. Cut a long enough belt to tie around your waist (& into a bow) and then glue it right on!

Step 6: Enjoy!!

Aprons make perfect handmade gifts so stay tuned for more tutorials – including a manly apron option… you gotta see it to believe it!


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