Super Last Second Cat Costume

Happy Halloween everyone! If you STILL don’t have a costume, you have just a few hours to whip something up. That can be a daunting task, but with this easy tutorial you can be a fabulous cat this halloween! DIY Cat Costume

This costume requires a few important pieces you hopefully have in your closet: animal print or fur and face paint! For the face paint, simply follow the stripes on the cat you are dressing as (i.e. leopard, cheetah…).DIY Cat CostumeIf you do not have any fur or leopard print you can still rock this costume! Tap into your inner black cat with a black top and some leggings. Throw together some ears with a few pipe cleaners and draw whiskers with eye liner and you have yourself a costume!

DIY Cat Costume

It’s pretty hard to mess this one up, but whatever you do – don’t just pair some animal ears with lingerie. Mean Girls taught us all how tacky that looks! Mean Girls Costume

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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