DIY Duck Dynasty Costume

Halloween is tomorrow! If you still don’t have a costume, you’re probably dreading hitting Party City on their busiest day of the year – but have no fear, Jenny is here! There are tons of awesome costumes that you can throw together with the clothes you have in your closet, including this year’s trendiest costume – Duck Dynasty! DIY Duck Dynasty Costume

If you live in the South you likely own some camo hunting gear (or at least no one someone that’s willing to lend you their’s). If you really have no access to any camo at all (which sucks for you because it’s one of the hottest trends for Fall 2013), you can also simply use brown or green clothing – but that’s way less cool.

DIY Duck Dynasty Costume

Once you have your outfit chosen accessorize with rain boots, shades, and a bandana – and don’t forget the beard! You can buy a beard, but that involves waiting on a huge line of angry shoppers – instead use my DIY beard tutorial -using dollar store spider webs!

DIY Duck Dynasty Costume

Create the beard in 4 easy steps:

1. Stretch the spider webs into 3 two foot long strands.

2. Braid the spider webs loosely together.

3. Tuck the top into a headband (that you will wear just below your nose)

4. Create a small hole for your mouth so you can breath easily!

For more info on this & more fabulous costumes watch me on The 504 tonight at 9pm and stay posted on fb and twitter. More last second costumes will be coming out tomorrow!


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