Fancy Shmancy Sailor Costumes

Year after year sexy sailor costumes fly off the shelves of hundreds of costume stores worldwide. If you love that nautical look don’t sell yourself short with a basic legs avenue costume, add some razzle dazzle to it! I’m not talking about sequins or rhinestones, I’m talking about creativity! I too once fell in love with scandalous sailor suit, but I didn’t just dress as a boring old sailor… I added a few accessories and created a Sailor Moon costume!

DIY Sailor Moon Costume

To achieve this look I simply added a christmas bow to the bottom of the v-neck, threw on some knee socks & gloves, and stuck some rhinestones on my face!

DIY Sailor Moon Costume!

Or you can use your fabulous sailor ensemble as part of one of the cutest couples costumes I’ve ever done – the V-day kiss pic! The key to this one is recreating the famous pose all night, so practice your dipping people!

DIY Sailor Costume


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