DIY No-Sew Tutu

DIY No-Sew TutuWith only a few weeks left till Halloween everyone is scrambling to get a costume together! If you need a last second budget friendly option for the sewing challenged – this tutu tutorial is for you! Before we get started here’s a list of the materials you’ll need.

Scissors: Fabric scissors are best, but any sharp pair will do!

Elastic: A stretchy elastic headband works great for kids tutus. Use any size elastic for adult tutus and either sew, knot, or pin the ends together.

Record/Book: (Optional) this simply helps you cut even pieces of tulle.

This tutorial is pretty self explanatory, but here’s the breakdown!

Step 1: Wrap the record or book with an entire spool of tulle (you’ll need at least 2 spools for a full tutu, 3 for an adult size).

Step 2: Slowly cut the tulle at the edge of the book/record with sharp scissors. You will be left with perfectly even pieces of tulle perfect for a tutu (as seen below).

Step 3: Tie each pice of tulle around the elastic by folding the tulle in half and threading the ends of the tulle through the loop created by the fold.

For a more in-depth tutorial, catch me this Wednesday, October 16th on The 504, at 9pm on WUPL MY54, where I’ll be demonstrating this and other adorable DIY fashions!


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