Burrito Costume Gone Viral!!!

My DIY burrito costume was featured on Buzzfeed today, in an article titled: 19 Brilliant Ways To Dress Like Food For Halloween.

Burrito Costume Gone Viral

It turns out the lovely folks at Buzzfeed got this hillarious photo from a CityPages.com story called: 10 great DIY Halloween food costumes, which apparently was published a year ago (unbeknownst to me), just 2 days after I published my article 4 Easy & Awesome DIY Costumes on BackBayouVintage.com.

DIY Taco Bell Costume

But wait, there’s more! Upon further investigation I found out HalloweenCostumes.com included me in a story on May, 1st 2013 entitled: 10 WORST DIY HALLOWEEN IDEAS ON PINTEREST. Do I sense a little jealousy HalloweenCostumes.com?

DIY Burrito Costume Gone Viral

They posed some questions for me in their little write-up that I found pretty hilarious: “We have a few questions for the creator of this DIY wonder. One, why did you want to be a Taco Bell burrito for Halloween? Two, were those clean or used wrappers? And, finally, we just want to know if while making this costume you felt the urge to dumpster dive for supplies in the Taco Bell parking lot?”

DIY Chalupa Costume

Here are my answers to those lovely inquiries. 1. I actually was a chalupa (because that’s a funnier word) and it wasn’t for halloween, it was a Fiesta themed party. Also why wouldn’t I want to be a burrito? 2. The wrappers were clean, duh! There’s no way I could create a fully formed blouse with scotch tape if they were covered in grease. 3. No, but it did make me in the mood for some mexican food.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all this hype originated on reddit somehow, but I have yet to find that link in this amusing puzzle.

 I wanted to be a costume designer most of my childhood, but I never thought my claim to fame would involve Taco Bell wrappers. I’m hoping to top this with something a little more figure flattering next time!


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