Vintage Wedding Dress 101

Hello all you vintage loving brides out there!

Are you in the market for a phenomenal vintage wedding dress? Well then this is the post for you to read! Here are a few basic rules when buying a vintage wedding gown:

1. Buy something you actually LIKE! This seems like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how drawn you can be to dresses that are “super cool,” but not necessarily flattering or your style. Victorian Antique gowns are awesome, but do you really want to look like a Jane Austen porcelain doll on your big day? Probably not.

2. Buy something that CAN fit. Obviously it would be great if you could find a vintage gown in your size, but that’s not an easy feat – so alterations are a great way to get the retro gown of your dreams! The trick with altering a dress is buying one that is too big NOT too small, because there is no way you’re finding matching fabric.

3. Buy something in good condition!!! Look for stains, tears, and snags in the lace… chances are those blemishes are there for good so make sure they’re something you can live with (or cover up). Also really look at the durability of the fabric. If you are buying a lace dress from the 50’s or earlier the fabric is likely extremely fragile and might possibly rip while you’re bustin’  a move on the dance floor. Delicate dresses can be a great option for the ceremony, but be wary for the reception!

Here are some examples of the gorgeous gowns I’ve acquired for Back Bayou Vintage!

This stunning Vintage Lace Wedding Dress featured delightful silk bows and a matching belt!ImageThis 60’s Goddess Wedding Dress was in phenomenal condition and had a very unique & ethereal attached shawl!ImageFor a more romantic style dress this 70’s Lace Wedding Dress with stunning long sleeves, ruffle accents, and a long cathedral style train is just the ticket! ImageAll of these dresses were found in great condition, with only minor stains that were gently removed with water and dish soap (the secret to vintage stain removal).

The key is patience, so take your time and enjoy the hunt.

Send me photos of your vintage wedding dress and I’ll post them on my blog!

Happy Shopping!


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