Designer Look – Targét Price

This knock off will knock your socks off!! If you’ve ever perused the aisles of the Target shoe section, you know they actually have some fab styles available. Of course, the materials and fit often don’t compare to pricier footwear, but I have got to hand it to their design team, they whip out some snazzy knock offs for less than $30! For example, you can snag these Mossimo® Perl Cage High Heel Sandals online for only $29.99. I got mine on clearance in the store for only 8 bucks!!!!! My new stilettos look exactly like these studded Valentino strappy cage heels. If I really wanted to complete the knock off look, I could easily add some gold studs with a little super glue, but I prefer simpler black heels.

Designer Heels For Less

I also bought lovely brown wood heeled strappy sandals for only $24.99! You can by yourself a pair online for $29.99. I LOVED this pair of shoes because they reminded me of the gorgeous tan leather heels I’ve been pining for from Coach.

Designer Heels For Less

These genuine leather Coach heels are $198, not bad for a designer pair, but I’d rather pay $24.99 for my cheap version! More deals and details to come!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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