Bumpin’ Up a Dress Size!

Have you ever found a stunning vintage dress that is just waaaaay too small but too cute to pass up???? Well I sure have, which is why this stunning 1950’s cocktail dress was hanging in the back of my closet for the past year. But I finally have an affordable way to alter them…. thanks to the talented and beautiful ladies at Sew Fabulous! Co-owners Gigi and Heather are both amazing instructors and extraordinary sewers. They legitimately taught me how to sew with a sewing machine… and as you can see from all my DIY sewing tutorials, they did a great job!

DIY Alterations

All of the classes they offer are fantastic, and they just started doing open studio time, where you can bring in a project you are working on (or struggling with) and get their professional help. And that is how I was able to transform this dress from totally un-wearable to having a surprisingly breathable bodice.

DIY Dress Alterations

To make this transformation we used a seam ripper to open up the left side of the bust. Once the seam was fully undone Gigi expertly pinned a velvet panel to the dress where it needed to be sewn. (We used velvet because it happened to already be in the studio… and it looked adorable)! Then we did a simple straight stitch on a sewing machine, and with a few minor adjustments, we had this gorgeous dress bumped up 2 or 3 bust sizes!!! Doesn’t that velvet look lovely?!?!

DIY Dress Alterations

I told you they were talented!!! Check out their website: sewfabulousnola.com for more info on classes and “sew much more”!


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