Bal Des Artiste Fashion Show

Last week I had the honor of attending a masquerade ball thrown by the Creative Alliance of New Orleans, appropriately titled Bal Des Artiste! The event took place at the new Morning Call in City Park, which is stunning and delicious. Aside from the tasty beignets, the highlight of the event was “All Gowned Up,” a fashion show that showcased evening gowns and wearable art by local designers.

Bal Des Artiste

How stunning is this white gown!?!?! I had to restrain myself from bidding on it in the auction!
Bal Des Artiste

But my favorite piece from the whole show is the fantastic dress pictured below. I wish I could have caught a better photo, but let me a assure you, it is gorgeous! And get this…. it’s made entirely of paper!
Bal Des Artiste

The ball was also a lovely excuse to get dressed up! I have been waiting to wear this divine 50’s cocktail dress for months. When I bought it the bust was two sizes too small, but with a little help from the lovely ladies at Sew Fabulous I was able to have it fit me perfectly without spending a ton and a half on pricey alterations! I’ll post BEFORE and AFTER pics of the dress size transformation in my next post.

Fancy Shmancy in Black and Gold

Plus, I discovered an adorable new boutique (and my new dream glasses) at the pop up boutique section of the event. SOPO, also known as Southern Posh, just recently opened in Mid City and had these delightfully retro glasses on display at the Ball.

Audrey Hepburn Glasses!

I might just have to buy myself a Mardi Gras present!!!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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