Movie Review: The September Issue

For all those out there who liked The Devil Wears Prada you have got to go on Netflix and watch   The September Issue, a fantastic documentary that follows the production of the largest issue of Vogue to date. The film gives a closer look at the life of Anna Wintour, the top Queen Bee of the fashion industry, as well as the incredible impact she has on her stylish world.
The September Issue

The Anna is well known as the face of Vogue, the film makes it clear that the real woman behind the show is Grace Coddington, an ex-supermodel turned Creative Director. Throughout the film you see the poorly dressed, frizzy haired 71 year old woman putting together stunning photo shoots for the magazine.

Anna Wintour herself admits that Grace is the true genius behind Vogue, though not all of her exquisite work ultimately ends up in the magazine, a contentious issue in the film. The works that do make it into print are phenomenal, like the shot below, which features the documentarian that filmed this movie.

If you’re interested in Vogue, Anna Wintour, or Fashion Photography, you’ll probably enjoy this film.

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