DIY Christmas Gifts: Cork Coasters

Are you fiscally challenged this holiday season? Are you good with a hot glue gun? Do you happen to enjoy a bottle of wine, or two, or 32?! If you answered yes to 2 or more questions you will love my DIY coaster tutorial!!!

It’s super duper simple. Anyone can glue a bunch of corks together and call it a coaster, but the trick to making it classy (and more durable) is the pattern you glue them in. As you can see in the photo above I glued mine together in an alternating pattern. Start by gluing two corks together (in a parallel fashion). Once every cork has a partner/siamese twin glue the pairs to one another by attaching the bottoms to the sides… it’s hard to explain in words, but the photo below explains it all.

I randomly found this pic tutorial on Lauren Conrad’s blog, click here if you want to check out her full post!

DIY Wine Cork Letter

If you get really ambitious (and have a ridiculous amount of corks) you can also craft a monogram letter out of wine corks! I tried my hand at that, and miraculously succeeded… but it took waaay longer than I thought and needed very strong adhesive and a serious staple gun job on the entire back of the letter.

DIY Wine Cork Letter!

I hope this helps anyone in search of last second DIY Christmas gifts. Better pop that bottle of wine and start drinkin if you want this project to be done by Christmas Eve!

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