From Frumpy to Fresh: Upcycled Vintage Dress

As you can tell by my business, I love vintage dresses. The prints, the cuts, the history – I love the whole thing! But I often have to do a little sewing to get my vintage wardrobe looking the way I want it to. Though my fashion sense does incorporate retro style,  I like to still look trendy and modern – and thanks to my sewing machine I can do just that! By simply hemming up the skirt a few inches, vintage dresses can take on a whole new modern look. Do it yourself with these simple steps:

Upcycled Vintage Dress

Step 1: Cut the skirt to your desired length (leaving an extra inch for the hem). 

Step 2: Sew the unfinished end of the dress with an overlock stitch so the fabric doesn’t fray. 

Step 3: Pin up a 1 inch hem with straight pins. 

Step 4: Do a simple straight stitch across the hem.

And before you know it, you have yourself an adorable new dress! 

DIY Dress Alterations

If you don’t have a sewing machine you can sew it by hand, but I recommend using a machine.

Check out another example of DIY Dress Alterations HERE.

Also, if you LOVE this dress, it can now be yours! Buy it from our STORE!


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