Halloween: An Excuse to Get Crafty!

I hope you all enjoyed making crafty disguises this spooktacular All Hallows Eve!!!!!!!! I definitely let this crafting opportunity get a little out of hand this year. Over the past week I have worn many dashing disguises including (but not limited to) Daisy Buchanon, the fab femme fatale flapper from The Great Gatsby, poodle-skirt clad Rizzo from Grease, and today I wore my awesome toddlers Jack O’Lantern costume to work.

Complete with matching DIY felt leaf head piece!

 …and forrest green rain boots for jumping in puddles! 

But I really brought out the big guns on Saturday evening when I debuted my most elaborate creation: A girl jumping out of a cake! And not just any girl, Evelyn Nesbit one of the most famous Can-Can girls of all time, also known as the first pin-up girl, and that’s right, you guessed it, the first woman to EVER jump out of a cake! Who said costumes couldn’t be educational? BAM! American History Lesson!

I thought of this costume idea while picking my brain trying to think of an ensemble that could incorporate this gorgeous designer corset I found at Salvation Army for $1.50 (NO JOKE)! I didn’t want to simply dress as a saloon gal or burlesque dancer, cuz lets be real, those costumes are purely about being scantily clad, not about the art of disguise. Plus, I really wanted to take this opportunity to craft something totally unpractical that I will never use again! So low and behold a cardboard cake was born.

To create my multi-tiered birthday pastry I started with two cardboard boxes, a box cutter and a staple gun.

I cut a large rectangle into the smaller box, measuring enough space for me to easily be able to pull it on and take it off. Then I cut a wide H into the larger box, creating two flaps, which I stapled to the interior of the smaller box. To do this, trace an outline of the smaller box on the top of the larger one. Then cut out the H with a wide middle line bisecting the outline and the side lines of the H matching exactly with the outer bands of the traced rectangle. Once the boxes are stapled together apply some packing tape (for extra hold). If the opening is too big on your hips you can add straps like I did to keep the costume from falling down.

Now for the fun stuff, decorating! I used spray on insulation to create a whipped cream look on the top of my fluffy cake. I originally wanted to cover the entirety of the cake in insulation (but the can ran out quickly). I tried to remedy the situation by spray painting the boxes, but it didn’t look too hott.

To mask my trial and error I covered the cake with a cheap plastic white table cloth. Using hot glue to connect it to the cardboard. I tried to bunch the fabric a bit to give it that creamy frosting look, but you can easily make it flat if you prefer a fondant look.

Then I added red trim to give the cake a more polished look. I simply twisted a cute design out of paper streamer and attached it with hot glue.

Finally I added the finishing details: a Happy Birthday banner and birthday candles! To be safe, I recommend cutting off the wicks of the candles!

Then simply hide in the cake when entering a room and scream surprise when no one is expecting it!


Happy Halloween everybody!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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