4 Easy & Awesome DIY Costumes!

Still don’t have any good ideas for a Halloween Costume?!?!? Have no fear, Jenny is here! Check out the photos and tutorials below for some killer Halloween attire that will get you the look you need this spooktacular Halloween season!


The Ultimate Nerd

Whether you’re going for Steve Urkel or more of a Millhouse look, there are a few things necessary for this adorably awkward ensemble. 1. High waisted pants, skirts work too! 2. Clashing patterns or nerdy tshirts with math puns 3. Over-sized glasses 4. A geek squad utility belt full of all the necessities, i.e. graphing calculator, protractor, ruler, stethoscope, paper bag (in case of hyper-ventilation), and of course band-aids! Plus you gotta have the attitude, this costume is all about physical comedy, so really channel your inner loser for this dashing ensemble.


Taco Bell Burrito

….Oh yeah, I’m serious!

To achieve this scrumptious look you may have to be-friend a Taco Bell Employee. Once you’ve made yourself a new pal, kindly ask for about 20 burrito wrappers and a handful of plastic bags (I claimed I was doing an art project). Once you’ve procured your materials build yourself a shirt with a little scotch tape and some patience! Make sure you don’t make it too tight (or it will rip quickly). I also recommend folding over the papers to give it more hold. Once your shirt is complete tie the handles of the plastic bags together forming a tutu like skirt.

DIY Taco Bell Costume

Make sure to attach a few extra bags to your skirt that you can untie and use as a make-shift top once your shirt unravels (which it inevitably will if you’re dancin’ up a storm)!


Lisa Frank Folder

We all remember these adorably bright folders and notebooks from grade school, and they are so much fun to dress up as. Though it is difficult to dress up as a “folder,” you can still get the main idea across with a little glitter, paint, and some bright clothing!

I used a Target bathing suit that had a big bright rainbow on the top and bottom and put Lisa Frank stickers all over myself. The butterflies and unicorn hat really added the extra pizzaz this costume needed to convey the Lisa Frank style!

Add some little kid butterfly hair clips and some crazy jewelry and you have yourself a very fun 90’s inspired costume!


1920’s Flapper

This is one of my favorite costumes to do, and it’s super duper easy! It’s fun, sexy, and historical, who could ask for anything more!?!?! You can easily find a fringed flapper dress at any costume store (or buffalo exchange), Forever 21 even sells them fromm time to time. 

I HAD to pose with my 1920’s vintage Steamer Wardrobe Trunk and antique fan from 1912 with this turn of the century get-up. The furs in the background would have been a lovely addition to this retro costume!

To really nail this outfit wear ornate costume jewelry and a bedazzled headband with an old fashioned hair-do.

You don’t necesarily need a fringed dress to dress like a flapper. Last year I wore a 20’s-style Betsey Johnson Nightie and a faux fur coat with art deco-esque textured tights, when I dressed as Zelda Fitzgerald. You can also rock a flapper outfit as Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby!

If you go with a more non-traditional ensemble for the costume add subtle details that help create the disguise, like a long cigarette holder (aka a black paint brush) or an old fashioned hat.

DIY Great Gatsby Flapper Costume

 Don’t over think it. Just pair a ruffled dress with fish net tights and you have yourself an adorable costume!

Good luck deciding between these fabulous costumes!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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