DIY Day Of The Dead Costume!

If you ask anyone who knows me well what my favorite pastime is, they undoubtedly will say DRESSING UP! I have always had a serious love of dramatic costumes, but in recent years my added crafting and thrifting skills have brought my playful disguises to the next level. With Halloween just around the corner I figured some of my readers might be looking for easy DIY costume ideas so for the next few weeks I’ll be posting some of my favorite handmade costumes! Today’s DIY tutorial is on how to craft your own Day of the Dead costume.

Day of the Dead (aka Dia Del Los Muertos) is a great costume choice if you’re looking for something spooky & fun, and it’s super easy to do yourself! The #1 most important aspect of the costume is the face paint, so make sure you have  a good quality white face paint that won’t irritate your skin too much or peel off before the night is over.

The face paint is actually super simple, all you have to do is 4 easy steps.

1. Apply a base of white on your entire face.

2. Using black eyeliner color in the majority of your nose and line your eye lid (you can either apply the eye makeup as I did in a feminine cat eye, or as eric did with a spookier black eye look)

3. Apply some shading underneath the cheekbone to give a hollow, skeletal appearance.

4. Paint lips white and draw thin black lines for a classic Day of the Dead look, or use red lipstick for a more feminine vibe.

To get the full-body skeletal look you can go one of two ways. Either you can make your own costume for less than $1 using white duct tape and any black shirt and pants (as Eric creatively did for his ensemble).

Or you can thrift your way to Dia De Los Muertos style as I did! I found an adorable kids skeleton top at a Goodwill for $2 and bought super cheap skeleton tights on Amazon. I then layered some petticoats I had from years prior to give a girly twist to the costume. I also pinned fake flowers to my chest as comical skeleton pasties.

I made our accessories out of pipe cleaners, feathers, fake flowers, and  mini skeletons, all of which I found at my local Family Dollar. I also miraculously found $1 skeleton gloves at the dollar store!  To add a little color to the predominantly black and white costume I recommend crafting a belt, some bracelets and a hat or head band. You can also personalize the costume a bit by choosing a recently deceased celebrity to represent. As you can see by my belt, hair, and eye make-up I went as Dia De Los Muertos Amy Winehouse last year.

This is a super fun costume to put together and great for all ages (even itty bitty trick or treaters)! I hope yall enjoyed the DIY Tutorial, stay tuned for the a ton more costume ideas & tutorials!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear

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