Glam-danas by A.Rose Fashions!

My apologies for the lack of posts lately, my poor 5 year old computer is so overcrowded with photos it literally won’t let me upload any more! The good news is I have an awesome new external hard drive on its way…. until then my iPhone uploads will have to do!

Now without further ado, I am very happy to present an incredible line of handmade accessories by local artist April Woods! I recently had the pleasure of meeting April while at work bar-tending at The American Sector in the National WWII Museum. April is the head of the e-commerce store for the museum and she does an awesome job managing the website, shooting the catalog, and artistically putting it all together! In her spare time she designs one-of-a-kind fashion accessories and jewelry for any occasion all made to order, my all time favorite design April makes is her Glam-dana, a super fabulous Rosie the Riveter inspired headband.

 Glam-danas are easy to wear elastic headbands for the retro bandana look without the hairpins & extra fuss!

The elastic design is awesome! It has just enough stretch to fit most, while staying secure on your head.

I can’t wait to rock one of these with a cute vintage dress! We’re hopefully going to be doing a joint A.Rose Fashions & Back Bayou Vintage photoshoot soon so stay tuned!

For more info on A.Rose Fashions check out their facebook page or email April @!

 Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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