Fall Fashion Investment Report

The hot sweltering summer is finally coming to a close, and many fashion trends are going with it. With the new season on the horizon many styles that were super fly a month ago are looking like they belong in the Target clearance section. Luckily, New Orleans seems to have a delayed reaction to changing fashion trends, so if you’re still clinging to neon & lacey peter pan colors you still have a little time before they’re out of style here. But if you’re on a tight budget it’s good to keep in mind what styles are going to be “in” in the coming months.

Whether you like it or not, everyone’s personal style is a product of what is trendy at the moment, whether you are gravitating towards the style or away from it, it has a direct affect on what you wear and how you wear it. If you’re like most people and you like to wear an item of clothing more than twice before it seems “tacky” it’s good to keep an eye out on the trend cycle.  Often people find themselves suddenly not liking their favorite article of clothing that they wore incessantly for weeks. In reality the garment looks exactly the same, but changing fashion trends cause our eyes to gain a more critical perspective.

We all remember this semi-unflattering style that was all the rage in 2010. These casual dresses were flying off the racks at all sorts of retailers (for god knows what reason). I swear for a while it seemed like every girl in New Orleans owned one of these dresses, complete with the tacky elastic band and high-waisted skirt & casual tank look. Luckily these are finally out of style, and flooding thrift shops with everyone’s leftovers. If you stocked up on these jumpers, you unfortunately lost your investment on this trend, but you can make up for it this year!

This Fall there are a few new trends on the horizon, but more importantly, there are many that have peaked and are on their way out of stores and ultimately your wardrobe. So the next time you go shopping there are a few things to keep in mind. #1 Neon will not be hott for long. Till now Neon was a serious “no no,” unless you were dressed as an 80’s work out Barbie for Halloween.

However, with advent of hipsters and the help of American Apparel, neon has become a mainstream fashion phenomenon, and one that will likely span the length of a decade. Unfortunately, we are at the peak of this trend. It has been in the making for over 5 years, since American Apparel owner Dov Charney debuted the neon collection years ago. Now it is so commercial that stores like Walmart and Dillard’s are carrying these trendy items, but more importantly, trashy souvenir shops in every tourist town are now carrying Jersey Shore-esque T’s in flaming neon brights. So if you love how tan you look in highlighter colored clothing indulge in the slow dying trend and get yourself a dress or blouse or two, but don’t go overboard! Think about how many shoulder-padded blouses and dresses your mom had to dump after the 80’s, don’t follow in her footsteps!

Another trend to be on the look out for is peplum. This vintage style has recently started popping up on blouses and dresses of all styles, especially club wear. Now the skin tight “band-aid” dresses also made popular by American Apparel are featuring a peplum ruffle at the waist. This Forever 21 dress is the perfect example of a peplum dress that is in right now. 

This trend is a great way to add some femininity and style to clubbing dresses, but it is important to note that the peplum is hard to miss. So when the trend inevitably does go out of style (as everything does) your dress is going to stick out like a sore thumb. It’s definitely a style worth investing in if it looks good on your body, but think of it as a short term investment. It is highly unlikely that you will be rocking this style in 5 years, let alone 1, so don’t stuff your closet full of peplum if your looking for a more timeless wardrobe.

If you’re searching for pieces that can last you years stick to the more subtle trends like A-Line dresses. These adorable full skirt dresses ordinarily feature more modest necklines, making them great for work or holidays with the family. They’re also super easy to dress up with a statement necklace or colored belt. They are very versatile and can be great transition pieces when going from season to season. You can also find them in a variety of prices, which is always nice. Skater dresses also look great in cotton, the swing skirt gives the simple fabric a little feminine twist without going overboard. They’re super comfy and usually pretty affordable. I’m on the hunt for my own dreamy skater dress right now!

There are so many more styles and trends I wanted to cover, but I guess this is good for now. I hope I’ve given some useful advice on how to indulge in the right trends and save money in the long run. If you want to start keeping a better eye on the trends cycling through the stores my best advice is to start browsing the racks of lower end retailers like Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe. These stores sell hyper-trendy pieces, often a season after the style peaks, so you know if they’re selling it the style won’t be hott for long. Forever 21 is also a really good place to get clues from. They offer a very trend-focused collection of clothing, mixed in with some more subtle basics. When in doubt just remember to keep it simple. The more out-there the article of clothing is, the less likely it is to carry over into the next season or year. If you keep it simple and figure-flattering your wardrobe will have lasting power that’ll give your wallet a well needed break!

Stay tuned for more in the near future!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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