Sequin Sales!

As a girly girl with a serious love of sparkle and glitz, I have a few too many beaded gowns in my wardrobe. I can’t resist the urge to purchase these precious shiny vintage garments when I find them, even though I have no where to wear them!

This was my first beaded gown purchase, which has led to my serious obsession with glitzy fashion; although I think my love of Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has also fueled those flames. I even threw a Miss USA/ House Warming Party this year just so I could wear a bedazzled gown (and tiara) and place bets on the contestants. It was awesome, I highly recommend it to everyone.

When I first opened Back Bayou Vintage I figured other people shared my appreciation for these bedazzled gems so I collected 4 spectacular sequined items that I thought would fly off the shelves, but I was dead wrong! For the past 6 months these glamorous pieces have just sat patiently waiting to be adopted by a loving owner. And then one day it just clicked! I ended up selling all 4 items in less than 3 weeks!

Of all the pieces, the form-fitting white Laurence Kazar halter is by far my favorite. It’s beading is exquisite and nearly in perfect condition (impressive for a 30 year old blouse). The ascending zig zag bottom hem is so unique, I haven’t seen it anywhere else… ever!

My other Laurence Kazar piece was also spectacular. This black knee-length formal dress features a sexy scoop neck and a layered center slit (another complex,unique bottom hem). The flapper esque 20’s inspired cocktail dress looked phenomenal with the killer black sequined heels I ended up selling to the same buyer! 

Last but certainly not least, the teal floor-length beaded gown. This dress is truly a show-stopper. You could make Vanna White jealous of your wardrobe with a beauty like this.

I almost kept it for myself, but the sequin section of my closet is getting out of hand!

I’m thrilled I finally sold every one of these divine vintage pieces, but now I’m all out…. and right before Saints season, so it’s time to hunt for some more stunning  sequined vintage finds. Though the 80’s created some weird fashion faux-pas that I’d rather be without, it did create two wonderful things that I am very happy about, a new kind of beaded formal wear and ME!

Keep checking the out what’s in store on etsy or facebook so you don’t miss out on the new sparkly merchandise!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


One thought on “Sequin Sales!

  1. You are right…the halter top is stunning…and, i am so very glad for what the 80’s created…..something very special and unique— you!

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