DIY Curtain Tutorial

Drapes are by far the biggest waste of money when it comes to home decor. Even if you’re planning to get cheap draperies from Target or Walmart, it’ll cost you around $16-$20 per panel! What a rip off! And the fabric is always AWFUL!!! Plus, they’re just about the easiest thing to sew yourself, you can even hand sew them if you don’t have a sewing machine. The only problem is the upholstery fabric can be quite expensive as well. If you are well situated in your home and plan on being there for a good while it is absolutely worth the investment, but if you’re like me and don’t know where you’ll be in the next few years there is an alternative: thrift shops of course! Used drapes are significantly cheaper and very easy to find. I started my quest to make my own draperies because I have some seriously awkward windows in the front of my house. Their shape is too unique to find anything pre-made that will work, and with my recent sewing machine purchase I decided to make the lovely drapes you see below!

Before I made my own curtains we had an awful temporary paper blind providing some privacy, but it was terrible looking. I knew it was time to get crafty!

Making your own curtains is super duper simple. The first step is buying fabric or pre owned drapes. If you can’t afford good fabric I would not recommend using sheets. I contemplated that option but the fabric is just too lackluster for curtains, and it’s too obvious that you used sheets.  

Once you’ve found your base fabric or curtains make sure to iron out all of the wrinkles as much as possible. Ironing can be annoying (and dangerous if you’re clumsy like me) but it is SO necessary when sewing in order to hem evenly. When your fabric is wrinkle free measure how much material you will need to cut off the bottom in order to hang just below your window sill. If you bought drapes simply hang them on the rod to measure, if you’re doing yours from scratch first sew the flap that the drapes will hang from. To do this fold the top 4 inches in half (to make a 2 inch tube) and sew a straight stitch. You may also have to trim the width of the curtain. Don’t forget  curtains are meant to bunch slightly on the rod.

After you have your measurements cut away! Make sure to leave an inch or two below (and to the side of) where you want the curtain to hang so you can have enough fabric for a finished seam.

Then pin up a one inch hem, you may have to do an overlock stitch first on the end of the fabric to avoid fraying. After you’ve finished pinning I recommend going over the folded pleat with an iron. 

Finally it’s sewing time!!!! Simply sew a straight stitch all the way down the hem, removing pins as you sew. Once you’ve hemmed all he edges slip it on the poles and viola! Curtains that you made yourself!! Aren’t you crafty!

 My windows finally have a beautiful covering and it only cost me $7.45 thanks to heavy thrifting, a little sweat, and a lot of patience! 

I hope yall enjoyed my DIY tutorial. Send me pics of your curtain creations and I’ll be sure to feature them on my blog! 

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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