Button Earrings Making Their Olympic Debut

While watching the gymnastics competition this year (my favorite of all olympic events) I noticed something wonderful. Viktoria Komova, 2012 Olympics All-Around Silver Medalist, most known for her public cry, was wearing BUTTON EARRINGS!

This is significant to me because I craft and sell my own button earrings. I have to admit that most of the pairs I create are a bit cuter than the simple pair Viktoria rocked at the Olympics. I make all of mine with unique vintage buttons, or natural wood buttons, and I also usually thread string through the buttons to give the earrings a more finished look, but Viktoria’s were cute too!

Here are some of my favorite pairs I’ve ever made. 

The pink ones above were made from gorgeous vintage pink rhinestone encrusted buttons, and the pair pictured below used some truly fabulous 70’s/80’s gold metal D buttons.

These retro blue-gray mod 60’s buttons probably take the prize for most the Anthropologie-esque pair. And they looked incredible with the vintage wallpaper I mounted them on!

I had no idea this trend was big in Russia too! Obviously I was cheering on the US the whole competition, but I am happy to have some free advertising from Russia’s most notorious sore loser. 

This is definitely my favorite pic highlighting the button earrings. Our champ Gabby giving Viktoria a semi-awkward pat on the back, with a big winner grin on her face. Hilarious.

And while on the topic of the Olympics, I have to give a shout out to my girl Aly, who won gold last night for her floor routine to none other than Hava Nagilla. I try not to use profanity in my writing, but I have to say the only words that can describe that is BAD ASS!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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