Learning the Art of Subtlety

As the owner of a vintage clothing line, you can probably imagine that I wear vintage A LOT, and you are correct! Whether its a dress, blouse, hat, purse, or shoes, I usually have at least one antique item incorporated into my outfit. Unfortunately, having such a historical wardrobe and fashion sense, sometimes makes people say the fashion insult I dread the most…. “You look like you are wearing a costume.” This seemingly harmless 8 word sentence drives me absolutely bonkers!!!! I understand that some of my more unique garments could absolutely be utilized in a decade focused costume, but I most certainly am not playing dress up when I go to the store. For those who don’t know me, I LOVE costumes, and considered costume design for quite a while, which only adds insult to injury, because my vintage ensembles are no where near costumey enough to be considered costumes.

That being said, I do admit it can be a struggle to wear vintage and blend into age appropriate environments…. particularly bars. But I’ve picked up some tricks over the years that help find a happy medium between retro and contemporary. One of my favorite ways to blend the two styles is adding a vintage separate, particularly blouses, to a contemporary ensemble. This is a great subtle way to wear the stuff you love, without sticking out like a sore thumb! Below is a little shoot I did of one of my favorite summer ensembles.

To take this awesome floral polyester out of the 1970’s I paired it with simple white shorts and black mary jane wedges. Swap out the top for a sheer blouse with a bandeau and you have what every other girl at the bar was wearing. This is a great way to feature a vintage blouse in an understated way, and without “looking like you’re wearing a costume.”

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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