DIY High Waisted Shorts: Up-cycled Jogging Suits

High waisted shorts are IN and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Unfortunately this retro, flattering style also has some pretty inflated prices due to the overwhelming hipster love of all things high-waisted. So I decided to craft some of my own! I was tempted to create some awesome cut-offs from vintage jeans, but then I remembered I already owned the perfect garment in need of some serious up-cycling, none other than 80’s Jogging Pants! 

That’s right, these unflattering slacks are just like those ugly pants your grandma used to wear. I bought two pairs, because I knew people would love the matching tops (both of which sold last week in the store)! But the pants were really hideous. 


So instead of just throwing out the unsightly 80’s garment I got out my scissors and my Singer and went to town chopping off the majority of the pant leg. I left enough space below my desired length to fold over a cuff twice (which makes the shorts look more finished). 

After pinning the shorts in place I used a sewing machine to sew a clean line of stitches on the inner and outer seams. Then, I hand sewed two stitches (back and front) on each cuff to secure the fold and make sure the cuff doesn’t unfold. 

The blue pair looked so cute I wanted to do it again, but unfortunately the elastic band in the magenta pair was pretty dried out, so instead I made a bandeau top to go with the fabulous new shorts.

To make the bandeau flip the pants inside out and sew a straight line below the pockets but above the crotch of the pants. Trim the excess material off the top of the pants and flip back the pants by pulling one leg through the other. Now hold the fabric behind you like you’re wrapping up in a towel. Criss cross the legs and tie a knot, then tuck the excess fabric under your bust into the bandeau. Bada Bing Bada Boom: Perfect summer outfit for going to the beach, checking out a music festival, or just lounging around the house. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… up-cycle. The shorts will be on sale at RagDoll and on Etsy within the coming week!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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