From Muumuu to Marvelously Mod

I found this ridiculously large 70’s Muumuu recently while thrifting at a hole in the wall nonprofit shop. The large lapel collar, polyester plaid, and sheer white sleeves were just too cool to leave behind, so I bought myself my newest project! 

This unique house coat had a lot of work that needed to be done to modernize it… and though I LOVED the sheer long sleeves, I knew they had to go. With just a little seam ripper action they were gone in minutes, and the newly sleeveless dress started to take shape. 20120717-175921.jpg

The next step was chopping over a foot of material off the bottom of the dress. Beware: It can be difficult to cut in a straight line on plaid (because the grid is not horizontal), but not to worry! Uneven cutting will be covered with the folded hem, so just try not to cut it too short!


After the excess fabric has been removed flip the dress inside out and pin up the bottom hem in a straight line. 


Make sure both side of the Muumuu match up before you start sewing.


Then, using matching thread sew a simple stitch half an inch to an inch above the fold (removing the pins as you sew). And then trim the excess fabric from above the seam to make it look nice and clean. 


If you have a %100 thick polyester fabric like this, the ends will not fray if they are unfinished, which allows you to do this simple, fast, and easy seam. However, if you are using any other fabric make sure to first use an overlock stitch so your fabric doesn’t unravel.


Then try on the shortened Muumuu and measure approximately where the chest and bodice should be taken in. You can alter the dress to have a mod, straight, shift dress look, or give it a slightly fitted bodice with a little flair to the skirt. I chose to do the latter option, hence the angled pinning. 


I decided to leave the excess material attached instead of trimming it off in case I ever want to alter it to fit a larger person. But when I tried on my new dress I kind of fell in love, so I think I may have to keep this one for myself! 


Hope you enjoyed my DIY tutorial on up-cycling Muumuus! Who knew your grandmas house coat could be so useful… and adorable!

If you LOVE this dress, it can now be yours! Buy it HERE!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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