DIY Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial!

As the resident RagDoll crafter I’m constantly trying to come up with new adorable homemade items to sell in the store. My newest addition to our merchandise is bottle cap and vintage button refrigerator magnets. They are super cute and affordable! We are selling 1 for $3 or 2 for $5, which isn’t half bad for a Magazine Street boutique!

This eco-friendly up cycled kitchen decor is not hard to make yourself. You just need a few simple tools and a bit of time on your hands.

Materials Needed:
-circular magnets (which you can find at your local Michael’s)
-hot glue gun
-colorful bottle caps or buttons, I used local brands like Abita so tourists can get a cute New Orleansy souvenir from our store. I also chose very unique large vintage buttons, but simple modern plastic buttons would look great too!

Now that you have all your materials you can start crafting! Step one is bending the bottle cap with the pliers (to flatten the cap). This is important for two reasons: 1. Most circular magnets are not as deep as bottle caps, if you were to glue them together and try to attach the magnet to the fridge the excess metal on the cap would block the magnet from touching the surface of the fridge. 2. It looks prettier!

To bend the edges place the magnet inside the cap and grip the magnet so your thumb is not touching any sharp metal. Then simply clamp on the edge and bend and continue all around the edge of the cap.

If you are using buttons Step 1 is removing any extra plastic that may be on the backside. You can do this with pliers, scissors and in some cases by melting the plastic with the hot metal tip of the hot glue gun, but please be very careful.

Step 2 is easy! Just glue the circle magnet to the back of the button or cap with just a small drop of hot glue.

Step 3: decorate your fridge!!!!

This project is super simple and great for decorating kids lockers! It’s also a lovely homemade gift for your dad, brother or boyfriend. Just drink a six pack of their favorite beer and surprise them with new kitchen decor.

My fridge is covered in caps from rare beers my boyfriend Eric has collected along the years. We even have an alien beer cap from our road-trip to Roswell!

Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations, I love getting reader feedback!

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