What I Wore… To High Tea!

Though I didn’t find my fantasy high tea dress (pictured in the previous post Dream High Tea Outfit)… I was able to make my polka-dot dreams come true for my birthday tea!


The sheer mint polka-dot blouse is from none other than Forever 21 (every girls’ secret best friend) and it was only $15, and my skirt is actually a sundress I bought in Ghana with the top half folded under the skirt… not super comfortable but it looked too cute with the blouse to not wear it! The little brown oxfords aren’t as cool as the mint ones in the fashion collage from my last post, but they definitely did the trick- and matched my belt! Finally, my elegantly slim white vintage purse was my grandmas back in the 70’s!


I am proud to say that the earrings are a Jenny original! I was too obsessed with the ones from Etsy to wait for them to ship to me, so I just found some charms and made them myself! 


Asymmetry isn’t everyone’s thing, but I thought it would be super cute to make a mismatching pair with a complimentary teapot and teacup!


I think I brought a little quirky fun to the Ritz, with my girly, yet sophisticated ensemble! Someone on the street also told me I looked like a cupcake, which is fitting for a birthday.


The high tea service was beautiful, and it came with so many goodies! 


Including traditional black currant preserves, lemon curd, and my favorite creme fraiche, the most heavenly fluffy cloud of cream in the world!


Everything was delicious, and comically fancy, particularly the silver gold leaf topped chocolate truffle… I honestly thought it was tin foil for a second.


Oh, and did I mention the chocolate strawberries were decorated with the Ritz logo… cuz ya, that happened.  


They even wrote Jennifer instead of Jenny on the lovely birthday cake they gave me- fancy shmancy. 


It was a lovely way to celebrate my 23rd birthday… and a great excuse to get dressed up!

More to come tomorrow!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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