Dream High Tea Outfit

My birthday is this Friday the 13! And what better way to celebrate than a zombie tea party! Just kidding… but that would be awesome. I am however, going to High Tea at the Ritz Carlton with my lovely boyfriend Eric. I’m literally bursting with excitement to finally indulge in their petite finger sandwiches, caviar topped pastries, and other decadent accoutrement. But I have no idea what to wear! In my ideal world this would be my perfect outfit.Dream High Tea Outfit

Dream High Tea Outfit by jennylilisklar


The Jack Willis dress is just perfect for High Tea… and totally something you would expect to find at Forever 21… but unfortunately all the similar dresses at Forever had unflattering cuts or poorly crafted fabric. I did find a blouse that is very close… but I haven’t decided yet what I’m wearing.

Matiko oxford shoes

The shoes are just too cute for words! I’m honestly tempted to spray paint my brown oxfords and call it a day, but I’m concerned the spray paint will crack off as soon as I put them on.

Alexander McQueen box clutch

But nothing beats this hilarious Alexander McQueen brass  knuckles clutch. It’s over 2 grande for god knows what reason. But it somehow mixes high fashion, with gang violence, and Hot Topic-esque skulls. I had to include it in my dream outfit even though I almost surely would never wear it!

Last, but certainly not least, the adorable tea pot earrings from Etsy! I’ve wanted these for months, but could never decide which ones I wanted. So I finally purchased some tea charms of my own and made my own earrings. I’ll give the DIY instructions in a later post.

That’s all for now folks!



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