Food Network Debut

Though I was a food writer and blogger for over a year, I never did make it on television… but ironically as soon as I start my fashion and design blog I get an opportunity to have a little speaking role and cameo in the new Cooking Channel and Food Network show Chuck Eats the Street, with recent Iron Chef Winner Chuck Hughes.

Random right?!?!? It gets more ridiculous… I only got this opportunity because I work at RagDoll (a CLOTHING store) which happens to share a small Magazine St. block with Tee Eva’s Pralines and Pies, a tiny little nook of a restaurant, that I honestly have never been in.

Apparently the show wanted to have a cute scene between Ms. Eva (a very adorable elderly women) and her young vintage-loving neighbors. The whole things was hilarious. Ms.Eva paraded into RagDoll with a basket of mini pies and pralines and we all made believe we knew each other well. I’m very excited to see how the episode turns out, because truth be told, filming was a bit awkward!

I’m not sure when the episode is coming out, but I’ll keep ya posted! 

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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