Salvage, Cut, Sew, Style

Have you ever found an incredible vintage item for a ridiculously cheap price, only to realize there was an enormous stain covering the beautiful vintage fabric?! Me too!!!! Usually I shy away from purchasing these items, because lets face it- if the piece of  clothing is 20+ years old, the chances you’re going to get that stain out are slim! However, this colorful 70’s dress was so fabulous I somehow didn’t notice the dozens of awful stains polka-dotting the skirt. 

So I had to whip out the scissors and give this dress a much needed operation!  

As you can see, I had to cut off a ton of fabric to get rid of these awful rust stains. I also unfortunately free-handed the cutting (hence the diagonal) which forced me to recut the skirt a tad shorter than planned.

But that’s what seam tape is for! For those of you who don’t know, seam tape, or hem tape is clothing grade ribbon used ordinarily for the inside of clothing to cover the seam and give a more professional, tailored look.  But when you’re in a bind and need to add an inch to the bottom of a short skirt, seam tape can be just what you need! 

But make sure you finish the skirt with an interlock stitch (so the fabric doesn’t fray) before you sew on the seam tape. 

Before you know it, you have a whole new adorably up-cycled vintage dress! You never know when your own trash will become a treasure. I’ll be selling this one at RagDoll as soon as I add a few more decorative stitches to cover these aggravating rust stains!

My grandma always taught me that every “mistake” is just an opportunity to be more creative. So the next time you spill red wine on your favorite shirt or shrink your coziest sweater just get out a good pair of scissors and go wild! And if you ever do anything really great, send me a picture and I’ll feature it on my blog!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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