Store Decor: A Window Display for the U.S.A.!

With July 4th just around the corner, I decided to take this opportunity to decorate the store! I have always pined over the incredible window displays at Anthropologie and J.Crew and dreamed of one day doing my own extravagant designs. I even applied for a position with the design staff at Anthropologie, but unfortunately they were not hiring. They also informed me that I was unqualified without a B.A. in Studio Art… little do they know I have a freakin PHD in arts and crafts… with an emphasis in hot glue. 

For this Americana themed window display  I tried to keep it festive, classy, and affordable! 

Like all good store front designs, this one used paper crafting to give it that handmade touch that makes you want to come in and shop! And what better paper craft for a store called RagDoll, than a paper doll!?!?! 

 Paper dolls are super simple and adorable! All you have to do is fold the paper accordion style and then draw and cut your doll design. I gave mine a “That Girl” hair cut and a full skirt! 

Use your original doll as a template for your future paper chains so everything matches. Cut em’ all out and Ta Da! Gorgeous handmade decorations for FREE!

After you complete your paper decor the next step in window displays is dressing the mannequins. 

The trick is staying true to the store style, while still evoking the display theme, like this gorgeous Pin-Up-esque red dress and mile high heels.

The $40 Back Bayou Vintage Maxi Skirt looks fabulous with this tribal print blouse and is perfect for a backyard BBQ! Click here if you would like to purchase the skirt or for more info on Etsy!

This adorable strawberry dress also was just the right pallete! 

It’s also important to show a variety of styles, like this business casual outfit, which showcases a lovely Back Bayou Vintage blouse that you can buy here.

This Back Bayou Vintage dress also was perfect for the occasion, and only $38! Click here for more details!

But the cutest outfit was probably this cherry dress and cropped sailor cardigan paired with bright lime suede shoes. 

Plus it looked great with the Christmas Ornaments that I used to spice up the display!

Hope yall enjoyed my display as much as I liked making it! 

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Here


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