Sew Fabulous

After years of hand sewing everything I altered I decided three weeks ago that it was time for me to learn how to use a sewing machine. To do that, I took a lovely crash course at an adorable sewing studio on Oak St. called Sew Fabulous. At the end of the three day course I was amazed at what I was able to do. I immediately had to buy myself a sewing machine as an early birthday present… and what better sewing machine than the Singer 160 Limited Edition!?!?!


It is absolutely stunning (modeled after the antique Singers), and perfect for a beginner sewer. Super simple to thread, with a very well written guide, and just enough decorative stitches and add ons to keep the machine exciting! Unfortunately, it is very expensive on amazon (one of the only sellers left for this limited edition machine), but HSN has them for wayyyyy cheaper (and they have tons of promotional coupons for new customers, like the 20% off one I got!). 

Overall, I am thrilled with my sewing machine and have been sewing up a storm ever since it arrived! I’ve already made two skirts, one dress, a pillowcase, and a million alterations. One of my most recent projects was on a vintage 80’s Purple Floral Sundress that I just put on Etsy.

It is absolutely adorable, with a feminine floral print fabric and a fabulous lace collar. The only problem was the sleeves! They were waaaayyyy too long and made the dress look too dated. But crop them up an inch and a half and booom! Cute, contemporary dress!

It’s incredible how much a simple alteration can change the look of a dress.

Too bad I don’t have any before pictures, I’ll remember to take some before my next alteration post! 

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


2 thoughts on “Sew Fabulous

  1. Hooray, You got the sewing machine you wanted! Happy Birthday!! We posted a Beyond the Basics in August for a dress. Check out the website for details. WE hope to see you there. If not, let us know what works for you! Happy sewing! GiGi and Heather

    • Yay! I totally want to take it! I’ve been rummaging through vintage patterns, but haven’t found anything great yet… I have to get on that Joann’s mailing list so I can find a cute pattern before August!

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