I Made It In The Paper!

So apparently, all of my hard work squeezing into my tiny little vintage dress for the Hot Bothered Fashion Show paid off, because I made it on NOLA.com (The Times Picayoune’s website) in the Street Style section! Unfortunately, the photo is ridiculously blurry and pixilated (which is odd because their photographer had a fabulous camera). But none the less, this is the most famous I’ve ever been, and likely will ever be so yay! Time to celebrate!

But before I can party I have to update my etsy store with all my new merchandise! Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ll be adding to store:

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful vintage garments I have ever found. It is in incredible condition, which is shocking considering how delicate the lace is.

The elegance truly is in the simplicity. It has a charming Kate Middleton-esque style, with a figure flattering silhouette and just enough feminine touches to keep the gown simultaneously sexy and classy.

And of course, it has a fabulous vintage union tag (one of my favorite things about vintage clothing). There’s just something about these tags that make vintage items feel special… almost like authenticity  labels on collectibles! Click here to be directed to the etsy listing for this gorgeous gown!

More posts to come shortly!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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