Beautifying Your Home on a Budget: Anthropologie Look for Under $1

Like every other person on the planet, men and women included, I absolutely adore the gorgeous images that adorn the pages of Anthropologie catalogs. This glossy spread of rustic home decor and spectacular linens is just too beautiful to not repurpose! Of course, the clippings can be used for scrap books and collages, but stick one of these gorgeous pages in a $1 frame from Goodwill and BAM! beautiful home decor for a dollar or less!

The picture above was my all time best find. It can be difficult to find a photograph that does not look like a mail order catalog when doing magazine clippings. The key is to find a photograph that incorporates abstract decor you would never see in someone’s home, like the wire gazelles sitting on the bench in the photo above. 

This tea pot photo is also a lovely addition to my home, adding some cottage chic charm to my kitchen. The trick with framing merchandise is choosing spreads that feature one piece at a time. The more merchandise in the shot, the more it looks like an advertisement. Don’t be afraid to crop the clippings to create the look you need. Thrift shops have frames of all shapes and sizes and home made mats are not too hard to do (though professional grade mats usually look nicer). 

And don’t forget, the Anthropologie catalog is not the only magazine you can create beautiful framed art with! It’s just the one I’ve had the most success with. However, I found the above photograph in a recent Vanity Fair, and it looks stunning with my antique frame against the light blue bathroom walls.

But the ultimate famable magazine is absolutely National Geographic. Their gorgeous photos of nature, culture, and anthropological phenomena never cease to amaze me. Plus, you can often find vintage National Geographics at thrift shops for $1 or less! I have a particularly incredible vintage issue that I am saving until I can think up a project worthy of it’s pages. So look forward to hearing more about that in the future. 

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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