Hot and Bothered Summer Party Fashion Show

Last night, thanks to my lovely boss Rachel, I had the privilege of attending the Hot and Bothered Summer Party Fashion Show, hosted by the Creative Alliance of New Orleans. The fashion show featured a versatile array of summer frocks from local designers and multiple vintage boutiques (including RagDoll!). Though the guests attire was predominantly trendy casual, it was quite a fancy soiree hosted at the Fayard Mansion on St. Charles, more commonly known as the Wedding Cake House!

I was thrilled to finally be able to go into such a notorious St. Charles Mansion. However, the event took place in the gorgeous courtyard and pool area, so I didn’t get a chance to see the lavish interior of the home.

But the outside was spectacular!

The gorgeous home and pool house provided a lovely back drop to this eclectic fashion show, giving it a Great Gatsby vibe at times.

The hour long show was jam packed with a very eccentric mix of swim suits, vintage, formal attire, and garments created by local designers. I would have preferred a more cohesive collection, but the variety of style kept the show exciting.

Of course my favorite part of the show was the vintage. The retro apparel had me practically swooning with envy!… But that could have been the sweltering heat radiating off the 100+ guests jam packed into the viewing area.

Though there were many different local designs showcased during the party, there was a clear gold lame trend happening, no doubt influenced by the WHO DAT Nation. How fabulous would this labyrinth dress be for a Saints game!?!?!

The show closed out with some gorgeous formal attire, including gowns worn by the former Queen of Rex.

The eccentric head pieces added some excitement to the traditional formal gowns.

After the show, guests got to shop at the outdoor Pop Up Boutique selling fabulous Vintage Apparel and local designs, including some adorable RagDoll dresses!

Rachel and I represented RagDoll in lovely pastel summer style!

While at the party I was photographed by a Times Picayune photographer for the Fashion on the Street section (ironically what my last post was about)! Hopefully yours truly will be featured in the fashion section of the paper in the coming weeks! I’ll keep ya posted!

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Here


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