Where It All Began…

To fully explain how this blog came to be, and what it will be focused on I have to start in the beginning…. and I’m talkin the VERY beginning. My love of fashion began way back when I was just a tiny toddler. According to family folklore I was rejecting non-pink articles of clothing before I could fully formulate a sentence. There are dozens of photographs chronicling my eccentric wardrobe choices as a young girl, including princess tutus and tiaras, and the more unsightly crushed-velvet, neon A-line dresses (NOT PRETTY!).

The older I got, the stronger my love of clothing, style, and design grew and developed. By my teens I was convinced I would grow up to become a fashion designer. However, my obsession with haute couture dwindled considerably, and my love of vintage clothing was at an all time high. I spent my free time digging through racks of clothes at Goodwill and Salvation Army, along with many other random thrift shops in West L.A.

As college was fast approaching I contemplated applying to FIDM, Parsons, and the many other design schools of my dreams; but alas, I had no sewing machine skills, my sketch abilities were good, but not great, and my dad was not thrilled with the prospect of putting his daughter through art school, rather than a University. So I split the difference and went to Tulane University in New Orleans, LA and double majored in Dance and African Studies, with an emphasis on culture and community; giving me an arts education in a Liberal Arts environment. All the while, I continued thrifting, crafting, and designing in my spare time.

In the year following my college graduation, I did everything from oil and gas headhunting to freelance food writing; but after 9 months of jobs that just didn’t feel quite right I decided to give myself a break and finally pursue my dream of owning a vintage clothing store and maybe one day designing my own clothing. Obviously, at only 22 years old that was (and is) still a far-fetched dream, but opening an Etsy store was not! So Back Bayou Vintage LLC was born. Soon after, I was given the incredible opportunity to sell my line of clothing at RagDoll: Vintage Inspired Clothing, a local boutique on Magazine Street, and it’s been smooth sailing since then!

Unfortunately, I have not yet found a good way to sell vintage home decor or my own DIY creations, but I am eager to share my findings and hear new creative ideas from others! Hopefully this blog will be just the thing I need to do that!

In the great words of Ellie Mae from The Beverly Hillbillies:

Yall Come Back Now, Ya Hear


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